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Surfing lessons

Come surf our beautiful beaches!

Among a variety of watersports, surfing is what newbies and advanced surfers are looking for. And we provide! Our experienced teachers will let you fly on the waves right after the first lesson!

You probably know that there are not a lot chances to get the wave, because they are regular a bit further north on Cocoa, for example. However, this is even more safe for newbies to get lessons here, at Palmeria Hotel’s beach. We also offer private and group lessons – you can clarify which one of the most suitable for you right after arriving to our resort. The actual lesson is 1,5 hours – 15 minutes of actual surfing and the rest is for learning. We’ll provide you with a towel, sunscreen, water and a batching suite.

If you held off you dream of getting the first surfing experience, book this service to get support, lessons and waves!

Vous pouvez commander ce service sur la page de confirmation de la réservation.


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